Deller’s Quirky Look at Life

Jeremy Deller’s art doesn’t fit easily into an art gallery. In 2004 he won the Turner Prize for his quite extraordinary project of re-enacting one of the bloodiest battles during the miners’ strike of the 80s, something he had seen as a teenager on telly. The Battle of Orgreave, or A Blow to One is a Blow to All is one of the chief exhibits on this retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, Joy to the People (until 13 May). Deller sees himself as a storyteller, celebrating the element of surprise in experience, rather than a creator of objects. This fascination with the quirky side of humanity has led to the intriguing projects on show, from an early exhibition in his bedroom as a schoolboy, to a film on the infinite variety of fans of the band Depeche Mode, a garden project in Germany, a discussion tour of America with a car wrecked in an Iraqi suicide bomb attack and a film on bats. It seems he has an insatiable appetite for capturing the pulse of a culture. It may be hard to experience the full impact of one of his projects in a gallery, but Deller puts performance art on a remarkable plane.

For exhibition details, click here.


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